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Facts about CloudDokter

Help patients from the first symptoms

Today, many people google their symptoms before going to the doctor. CloudDokter is the ideal tool to help patients with a preliminary diagnosis. Symptoms are checked and patients are guided to the appropriate medical services by using artificial intelligence.

Benefits of CloudDokter:


  • Minimize over and under triage.
  • Treatment through teleconsultations.
  • Connect to a provider.

Excellent AI technology

CloudDokter uses the best artificial intelligence and machine learning to assess symptoms, find dependencies and common patterns in data, and get smarter over time (with the help of our talented data science experts and doctors, of course).


  • 93% engine accuracy.

The accuracy of our technology has been confirmed by cases from BMJ, NEJM, JAMA and others.


  • 8,000,000+ health checks.

Every day, people rely on information provided by CloudDokter to find the right care.

Clinical validation

Our doctors verify the medical content and extract knowledge from medical scientific knowledge and published medical cases. With over 1,360 symptoms, 740 conditions, and thousands of additional medical concepts for children and adults, CloudDokter has one of the most comprehensive medical databases in the world.


  • 44,000+ hours of physician assessment.

Our medical database is fed from the world of science and medicine through respected publications.

CE marking


Marked as a CE class I certified medical device.



Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


CloudDokter is certified to the highest industry standards and can be safely used around the world.

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