CloudDokter is the Online Care of Medi-Mere

The pressure in healthcare is increasing. With aging, the number of care requests is rising, but the number of healthcare providers is decreasing. This problem calls for digital solutions. Therefore, the concept of CloudDokter, the Online Care of Medi-Mere, was created.


CloudDokter utilizes a digital doctor’s assistant ( that ensures you can always and everywhere ask a healthcare question. By signing up at of CloudDoctor Medi-Mere, you can easily pose a healthcare question via your phone, tablet, or computer. With the help of our digital doctor’s assistant, it’s determined whether it’s necessary to come to the practice or if the care question can also be handled online. This way, patients can be treated faster, and the pressure on healthcare is reduced.


With the help of CloudDokter’s digital doctor’s assistant, symptoms can be noticed early on. Based on a questionnaire, a preliminary diagnosis is made. From there, it’s identified what you need to receive appropriate care. Our general practitioner assesses who can treat themselves, who needs digital help, who needs a physical appointment, and who needs urgent help. This way, care can be provided quickly, targeted, and specifically.


How does CloudDokter work?

CloudDokter is the Online Care of Medi-Mere. We use various digital solutions, including and the MedGemak App. Recently, we’ve also started using within the Online Care, our digital doctor’s assistant. On, you conduct a chat conversation via your mobile, tablet, or computer. Here’s how it works. First, you create an account on and select what you want advice on. Then, you answer a series of questions and can optionally share a photo of the issue. After that, the general practitioner reviews this information to assist you effectively. You will receive personal notification as soon as possible. If the general practitioner needs to see you, you can video call. Only the involved healthcare provider has access to your medical information. If the general practitioner prescribes a prescription, you can pick up the medicine at your pharmacy. Also, you can always reread the advice at a later time.

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