The Systems of CloudDokter

CloudDoctor utilizes the systems,, and MedGemak. This page explains what these systems are and how we use them.

With, you can ask for health advice at any time of the day. is a platform for online general practice care. It is a safe and easy way to find out what you should do about your complaint. You can use via your mobile, tablet, or computer. ensures that you can ask a healthcare question at any time of the day, easily and safely. The advice via is personal and digital. You can use from any location, so you don’t have to go to the general practitioner’s office. This makes it easy to ask a healthcare question in between your daily activities.


The system of is fully designed according to the GDPR legislation. Additionally, the system owner, Topicus, is NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified. The system also meets the WCAG 2.1 requirements. The UMCU has validated the questionnaires in, and they meet European (CE) safety requirements.


With, you can manage your health affairs online with your general practitioner or pharmacy. Via, you can:

  • Make appointments with your general practitioner;
  • Order medications;
  • Ask questions online;
  • View your medical dossier;


With the MedGemak app, you can easily and accessibly manage a number of health affairs online with your general practitioner or pharmacy. This can be done via your phone, wherever and whenever you want.


MedGemak is developed to encourage better communication between pharmacies and patients. Patients who use can access through MedGemak:

  • Insight into their current medication overview;
  • The ability to consult Medication Information for the Patient (GIP) relevant to their medication;
  • A reorder function for repeat medication based on the medication overview;
  • The ability to view the order status of outstanding medication orders;
  • The option to set a medication reminder alarm.


MedGemak is an addition to With the MedGemak App, users of have the ability to manage their healthcare affairs at their general practice or pharmacy. By linking the app to once with your DigiD, you can easily log in to MedGemak with a five-digit code.

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